Sunshine Magnet specialize Nd-Fe-B magnet which is the third generation of rare earth magnets with super strong magnetic force and high intrinsic coercive force. These properties make it an ideal and irreplaceable kind of magnet in the magnetism world .It has universally been used in wind generators, vibration motors, DC motors, servo motors, linear motors, VCM, MRI, Electronics, Aviation, Cars, Medical Equipments, Loudspeakers, Computers, Sensor, Transmission Machine, Instruments and Meters, Household Appliance… and even in many details of our everyday creative life.

Sunshine Magnet also has Rich Experience in AlNiCo Magnets,,Ferrite Magnets, SmCo Magnets and Flexible Magnets which are irreplaceable for their distinctive properties.

Sunshin Magnets are always been customized as per requested Grade, Shape, Dimension, Magnetized Direction and Coated Material. Our products comply with the European Standards and with the company’s strict internal Quality Inspection. We strive to meet our clients’ needs regarding Excellent Quality and Delivery Time.

Our commitment to excellence for many years has been evident by our ability to give our customers the kind of Quality Magnets, Professional Service, Good Faith, Quick Delivery, and Good After-sales Service. Each inquiry and order will be taken good care of by our whole team, so you will get what you really want here, and you will get the best service here.