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Product quality is the life of an enterprise, the essence of a brand, the quality of the control we never slack. According to industry specifi …

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  Take the road of success of others will never go beyond the former, the possible cycle of research and development, more investment, bu …

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  As a reputable and responsible Chinese company, we strictly abide by ISO14001 in the production and never underrate environmental prote …

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Clark Zhu

Chief Director

Set up enterprise strategy and target, establish enterprise culture, carry out core team building, develop annual financial budget and daily important management, etc.

Michael Feng

Chief Engineer

Be responsible for drafting technical development plan, develop technical process, high tech product development, establish and implement quality system, coordinate and solve communication between technical department and sales department,etc.

Sophy Soo

Sales Director

Be responsible for the marketing channels of the product development and sales, maintain good communication with customers, grasp customer needs in real time. Independent inquiry, quotation, contract terms and conditions of the contract ,etc.

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